Folded Oils, obtained through the fractional vacuum distillation carried out in the company, improve the products with natural properties, enriching them. We produce in our company:

  • Folded Orange Oil 5x
  • Folded Orange Oil 7x
  • Folded Orange Oil 8,5x
  • Folded Orange Oil 10x
  • Folded Lemon Sicilian and Tahiti Lemon 5x e 10x
  • Folded Tangerine and Mandarine 5x e 10x

NOTE: Specific concentrations can be performed according to the customer’s needs.

Flavor Tec also sells high-grade citrus essential oils following the best requirements of the international market. Currently we have in our portfolio:

  • Cold Pressed Orange Oil – CPOO
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Mandarin Essential Oil
  • Lime Essential Oil