A Flavor Tec is a 100% Brazilian company that constantly seeks to develop new products, with specialty and reference in the national production in distillation of Essential Oils Citrus …

Sweetened Concentrated Juices

Know our line of Liquid Preparation for Soft Drinks with and without added sugar.

Natural Citric Aromas

Meet our line specially developed for beverages, juices, fruit nectar, soy milk and other segments.


Learn more about Citrus Fruit Terpenos and also our line of Lemon, Mandarin and Tangerine Terpene.

Concentrated Citrus Fruit Oils

Meet our line of Concentrated Citrus Fruit Oils, 5x, 10x as well as our line of Citrus Essential Oils of Orange, Lemon and Mandarin.

Frozen Fruit Pulps

We represent the best manufacturers of frozen fruit pulp in Brazil.


Learn what Flavor Tec can do for you in the processes of outsourcing your production in the area of Essential Oil Distillation citrus juice and juice.