We produce Concentrated Juices of the best quality and we provide to Municipalities of the whole country. The Juice is distributed in schools to provide the students with high quality product in school meals. The inclusion of Juice in School meals aims to provide essential nutrients extracted from fruits that contribute to the healthiest growth of children and adolescents.

We also serve public universities such as UNESP (Paulista University of São Paulo), USP (University of São Paulo), Hospitals (private individuals, public and school hospitals), Children’s BuffetsEvents, among many other segments.

We have in our client portfolio small, medium and large industrial kitchens that opt ​​for our juice, offer a quality differential and greater added value in the supply of collective meals.

Food distributors and companies that participate in public bids are also part of our customers and have competitive prices and products of the highest quality.


  • High yield
  • Ease of preparation
  • Contains natural fruit pulp or juice in the composition
  • Adds higher value and quality to meals
  • Wide variety of flavors
  • Competitive prices


We have several lines of products that fit the profile of each customer, all products come in their CONCENTRATED form and to prepare it simply DILUTE WITH WATER as measured by each flavor and line, thus obtaining the juice ready for consumption. We currently have the following product lines:

Product Line Shelf Life Storage Temperature
Sweetened WITH Preservatives 6 months Environment maximum 25ºC
Sweetened NO Preservatives 12 months Refrigerated below (-) 5ºC
NO Sugar 6 months Environment maximum 25ºC
12 months Refrigerated below (-) 5ºC
Vitaminized 6 months Environment maximum 25ºC
12 months Refrigerated below (-) 5ºC

We have 20 flavors available from fruit juices. That’s a lot of variety for you.

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